Fancy driving a brand-new Mustang for a month – for free?

Ford Motor Company NZ have taken a slightly different approach to the Building Hope project. They felt the new owner shouldn’t just have a beautiful house to live in but a flash new car for the first month, too. And not just any car… a new Ford Mustang!

Ford Motor Company Managing Director Simon Rutherford said they were thrilled when Landmark Homes approached them and North Harbour Ford about getting involved with Building Hope. They racked their brains to come up with a way they could contribute and consulted with the Landmark team on what they thought would work best.

The idea of loaning out a new Ford Mustang for a month to the new owner hit all the right notes.

The temporary loan of the brand-new Mustang will now be part of the Building Hope package on auction day. The new home owner will be given the keys to the car for a month – absolutely free.

Mr Rutherford said that a Ford Mustang GT will be hard for anyone to resist. As the proud owner of his own Mustang, he knows exactly how good it feels to drive one.

“It’s just the freedom of it, the legacy, the noise and the response,” he says. “It’s the kind of car that’s not too in your face and brash – it’s just cool.”

With 460 horsepower, and “all the kit and caboodle” you could want, this is one car that won’t be spending too much time in the garage. Quite the sweetener for anyone bidding on the Landmark Home!

Ford Motor Company has a long history of contributing to causes such as CureKids. Mr Rutherford said that the “dreaded C-word” touched a lot of people within the company, so there was no hesitation when it came to getting involved with Building Hope.

The Ford team are now looking forward to auction day on September 27 – and handing over the keys.

Follow our progress as we build the house in the lead up to auction day. Like and follow our event to keep up to date with how the project is going!



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