Kinetic Electrical Supplier Story

Electrical wiring is often one of the trickier parts of building a new home. Fortunately, Kinetic Electrical was ready to step up when Building Hope needed them.

North Shore Kinetic Electrical director Adam Bibbie already knew a bit about Cure Kids from a previous sponsorship project he had been involved with. When approached by Landmark Homes for the Building Hope project, he was more than happy to get involved. At the time, he offered to provide the wiring for the house at cost price.

But after going along to the Building Hope launch in March, Adam was so moved by the plight of the kids that he changed his mind.

“The kids got up and spoke, which was really cool. Meeting those kids and just listening to their stories made me realise how good it is. Afterwards when I left, I thought, ‘oh, I could do a bit more here.’”

Adam decided instead that Kinetic Electrical would provide all the electrical wiring to the Building Hope home completely free of charge. His staff completed the wiring a few weeks ago.

On top of that, he arranged for his other company Energy Recovery Systems to provide and install the air conditioning units for the home at cost price. The pipes for the units have already gone into the home, with the units to be installed after the fit-out. Adam estimates the total value of both contributions will be at least $12k, saving Landmark around $20k for all electrical wiring.

As a dad to four kids himself, Adam felt it was the least he could do for the Cure Kids families. He was especially motivated to see how the charity had helped Eva, one of the kids he’d met on the previous project. “She was looking a lot healthier, so that was really cool to see. It’s just really great to be involved with such an amazing cause.”



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