Opening the Doors to Building Hope…

When Landmark Homes approached Mahurangi Joinery about the Building Hope project, they didn’t have to think too hard about it. After all – a family home can’t just have any old doors.

Mahurangi Joinery owners Joel and Suz Hemus pride themselves on their exquisite timber joinery. They also love any opportunity to “be generous”.

The family-owned business has been creating beautiful timber doors from their Warkworth premises since 2014.

As specialists in custom-made wooden doors, they didn’t hesitate to get involved with helping the Building Hope home come to life. They have provided a total of 12 internal flush doors and a cavity slider. The doors were dropped off at the site and installed a few weeks ago. Suz estimated that the total value of their contribution was around $5,000 –all of which they provided to Building Hope at a significantly discounted cost.

(For those of you not up with joinery terms, a ‘flush’ door is a flat, smooth wooden door made from a single solid piece of wood.)

Suz Hemus said they were proud to see their doors going into the Building Hope home.

“It’s definitely great to have a chance to give back. We love to be generous and we try to make that prominent in our business as well.

The four-bedroom home is currently being built in Hobsonville and will be auctioned off in September, with all funds going to Cure Kids.

Suz said the project has also taught them a lot about the Cure Kids and what they do in New Zealand.

“It’s given us a chance to learn more about Cure Kids which was great, as we didn’t know a whole about it before. We just saw it as a wonderful opportunity to be generous.”

The Mahurangi Joinery team



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