The Big Idea

The Building Hope project is led by Landmark Homes North Shore/Rodney franchisees Debbie and Paul Brett.

Corin Copeland (nine) was born with a rare genetic condition – so rare that it has no name – he lacks elastin in his arteries and veins, causing them to close up.  Corin is one of 40 people around the world with the condition.

 Corin is an ambassador for Cure Kids. His father, Jon Copeland, is the Project Manager at Landmark Homes/North Shore Rodney.

Having witnessed the challenges the Copeland family face every day, Landmark Homes/North Shore Rodney franchisees Paul and Debbie Brett were keen to make a difference. They teamed up with Cure Kids for #BUILDINGHOPE – a project to build a brand-new home, which will be auctioned in September with all profits going to Cure Kids.  

Why Landmark is behind this

Landmark Homes North Shore/Rodney is delighted to be the driving force behind the #buildinghope project.

At Landmark Homes North Shore/Rodney, one of our values is to ‘Live and Work Passionately.’ This speaks of a desire to constantly recreate and reimagine the possibilities of what life and work can look like – and we believe that this project has a real synergy with this central idea of who we are as a team.

“The building industry has always been one of collaboration, partnership, cooperation and teamwork. The #buildinghope project is a wonderful example of these maxims at work.”

A celebration of Jon Copeland and his family’s partnership with Cure Kids through his son Corin. A celebration of Jon’s place in the team at Landmark Homes North Shore and Rodney; and the value Paul and Debbie Brett put on partnering with their staff members in significant ways both inside and outside of the office. A celebration of the collaboration between Landmark North and Shore and Rodney and the team at Cure Kids, which is realising a mutually beneficial partnership that we hope to foster and continue over many years ahead. But ultimately a celebration of the impetus and momentum that can be developed and realised when teams of people partner together for a greater good, to achieve something that none of us could accomplish on our own.

We look forward with huge anticipation to seeing this project through to completion and to the support this will provide for the vital work of Cure Kids and their Ambassador Families.



The Cure Kids’ Perspective

Cure Kids is delighted to be in partnership with Landmark Homes North Shore/Rodney on the Building Hope project.

At Cure Kids, our vision is a healthy childhood for everyone. We fund high-impact research to help save, extend and improve the lives of children like Corin who are diagnosed with serious health conditions.

This work would not be possible without the generous support of businesses like Landmark Homes North Shore/Rodney, the 50-plus suppliers who have come on board, or the incredible individuals who are the driving force behind the project.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and lay strong foundations for a brighter future for children who live with life-impacting and life-limiting health conditions,” says Frances Benge.

Corin Copeland, a much-loved Cure Kids’ ambassador, is the inspiration behind the project. It is heartening to have his father, Jon Copeland, project manage the build, and to feel the full weight of the community’s support for their family.

Through their collective support, we are #BUILDINGHOPE for a brighter future for all children. 


“Since gaining an understanding of the challenges that the
Copeland family face every day we have been keen to be
involved with an organisation such as Cure Kids, whose vital
research offers hope for families and children with chronic
health conditions” — Paul Brett, Landmark Homes

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